why is tiktok showing me videos with no likes

Do you ever see your TikTok videos not get any likes, making you wonder why? It’s disheartening, especially after you’ve put in so much work. However, looking at your video’s performance without likes can tell you a lot. TikTok lets you check how your videos are doing with special tools. These tools help you see how many people have seen your video and if they liked it.

If your video has no views, don’t worry just yet. It might be waiting to be checked. TikTok reviews videos to make sure they’re okay. How long this checking takes depends on how much content is being reviewed. You can learn more about this here.

Key Takeaways

  • 0 views on TikTok videos might be caused by the content review process.
  • Videos with inappropriate or politically sensitive content can have significantly reduced visibility.
  • The TikTok algorithm prioritizes original content to prevent redundancy.
  • A “TikTok view glitch” can result in videos showing 0 views despite receiving likes.
  • Troubleshooting methods include reopening the app, restarting the smartphone, and clearing the app cache.
  • Engaging in TikTok trends and using popular hashtags can increase video visibility.
  • Minor adjustments to videos or participating in hashtag challenges can boost chances of going viral.

Looking for ways to get more likes on TikTok means knowing certain things. Knowing these makes it easier to improve your video’s performance.

So, figuring out how to stop TikTok from showing videos with no likes needs a few steps. These steps are about playing by the rules, being original, and joining in on what’s trending.

Understanding the TikTok Algorithm for Video Recommendations

If you want to know how TikTok shows you videos, let’s talk about its algorithm. About 1.2 million people use TikTok daily for 1.5 hours each. The app picks videos just for you, making sure you enjoy them.

The Role of Content Review

Content review is key for TikTok’s system. Every video gets checked to match TikTok’s rules. Sometimes, this check might hide the video for a bit, affecting how many see it.

Factors Influencing Video Visibility

For your videos to do well on TikTok, think about a few things. The algorithm looks at likes, shares, comments, and follows. It also checks the video’s text, sounds, hashtags, effects, and what’s trending.

TikTok picks out original videos, not ones you’ve seen before. This keeps things new and different for you. The number of followers doesn’t matter much, so anyone can get popular. If creators know this, they can make their videos reach more people.

Also, look at how your videos do without focusing on likes. The Audience Insights tool can help you learn about what people like. Posting regularly and using what you learn can make your videos more popular.

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Common Issues Leading to TikTok Videos with No Engagement

TikTok is a great place for sharing creativity. Yet, videos can often get no attention. This situation can be very frustrating for creators. It’s key to know about these issues to help your videos get seen more.

Content Violations and Their Impact

TikTok videos with no engagement often break the app’s rules. For instance, having bad or stolen content can hide your video. TikTok might check these videos for 6 to 24 hours, keeping them from being seen. If this happens a lot, TikTok might hide even more of your videos.

“The TikTok algorithm prioritizes original content, so videos with duplicated content or restricted keywords that violate community guidelines may receive 0 views.”

The TikTok View Glitch

The TikTok view glitch is another issue. Good videos can have 0 views because of a problem in the app. This happens when videos get likes but the view count stays at 0. To fix this, you can try clearing the app cache, restarting your device, or telling TikTok about the issue.

Restricted Keywords and Hashtags

Using the wrong words on TikTok can also make your videos invisible. TikTok hides videos using certain banned or sensitive words. To avoid this, creators should know what not to say. Joining in on popular challenges or making original videos within TikTok’s rules can help your videos get noticed.

Knowing about and tackling these issues can make your videos do better. It ensures they reach the people you want to see them.

Why is TikTok Showing Me Videos with No Likes?

Seeing videos on TikTok without likes can be confusing. Especially for those who love the app’s fun and engaging content. One reason for this is content review on TikTok. Videos marked as maybe not okay for everyone or touching on sensitive issues might not get many views. This limits how many people see them.

why is tiktok showing me videos with no likes

Also, TikTok spots new, original content and shows it more. This keeps people interested and avoids seeing the same stuff over and over. So, if your video isn’t very original, it might not get as many views. There’s also a problem known as the “TikTok view glitch.” This can make videos get likes but look like nobody has watched them. It’s a mystery for users.

If you want your videos to do better, try some engagement strategies on TikTok:

  • Join trending challenges and topics on TikTok.
  • Use popular hashtags to help more people find your videos.
  • Make sure your videos follow the rules so they don’t get stuck in review.
  • Be active in making and sharing videos to stand out to TikTok’s algorithm.

Using these tips can greatly improve how many people see and enjoy your videos. Knowing about content reviews and how TikTok’s algorithm works can help. It lets you plan your TikTok content smartly, to do well in this lively online space.


It’s key for creators to get TikTok’s video recommendation algorithm. This algorithm looks at things like shares, comments, and how long people watch your video. It also cares about where you are and when you post. While seeing low likes can be strange, remember this helps more people and more types of videos get noticed. This makes TikTok better for everyone.

Creators can get more views by making content that people enjoy and using popular hashtags. It’s also important to talk with your viewers in the comments. Posting at the best times and making content that fits when people are online helps a lot too. Even with a lot of competition, using the right hashtags and being creative can help. This is how you can get past issues like not being seen enough or technical problems.

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If creators understand how the algorithm works, they can avoid problems. This includes things like the view glitch or words that TikTok doesn’t like. Knowing this stuff means your videos can be seen more and people will like them. Using these tips helps you improve your TikTok page. It makes your time on the app more fun and successful.


Why is TikTok showing me videos with no likes?

Videos with no likes might show up for a few reasons. For instance, new videos may still need time to get noticed. Sometimes, videos are being checked by TikTok. This check can slow down their reach. Also, there could be a glitch in the system. Knowing these reasons can help you not be surprised by your video’s visibility.

How does the TikTok algorithm influence video recommendations?

TikTok’s system looks at a lot when recommending videos. It checks how users interact with your content. This includes items like comments and shares. The system also looks at the actual video, such as what is written, the sound it uses, and the hashtags. Understanding how this works can help make your videos do better.

What is the role of content review in TikTok’s algorithm?

TikTok reviews content to make sure it meets their rules. Videos might not show up until they pass this review. This can make them less visible to others. Following TikTok’s rules is key for your videos to consistently perform well.

How can I stop TikTok from showing me videos with no likes?

You can’t fully control what’s on your TikTok feed. But, liking and interacting with content you enjoy changes what you see. Engaging with creators you like can also help shape the videos TikTok shows you.

What are common issues leading to TikTok videos with no engagement?

Some issues that could lower your video’s views include breaking TikTok’s rules, using banned words, or encountering technical problems. These issues might stop your videos from being seen, meaning they get less engagement.

How do content violations impact TikTok video performance?

If your video breaks TikTok’s rules, it might not be shown or could be removed. This dramatically decreases how many people see it. Making sure your videos follow TikTok’s guidelines can help avoid this problem.

What is the TikTok view glitch?

The TikTok view glitch stops view counts from updating correctly. This can make your videos look like no one’s watching. To fix this, you can try clearing the app’s cache or updating the app.

How do restricted keywords and hashtags affect TikTok videos?

If you use restricted words or hashtags, TikTok might not show your video widely. TikTok has these restrictions to make sure its content is positive. Avoiding these words and tags can keep your video visible and engaging.

What strategies can increase likes on TikTok videos?

Creating fun, original content and joining in on what’s trending can attract more likes. Adding popular hashtags can also help. And don’t forget to reply to your viewers. These steps can make your videos more popular on TikTok.
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