why is tiktok muting my sound

Are you having trouble with sound on TikTok? You’re not alone. Many users ask, “why is TikTok muting my sound?” TikTok often mutes sound to protect copyright. This protects the original content creators’ rights. It’s key in keeping the platform fair. Videos using non-original audio, especially those seeking to make money, might get muted to avoid breaking copyright laws.

It’s key to solve TikTok sound issues by choosing the “Keep Original Sound” option. If you miss this step, your sound might be muted. Knowing TikTok’s rules and how to avoid copyright issues will help you keep your sound.

Key Takeaways

  • TikTok may remove sounds violating intellectual property or Community Guidelines.
  • Users are notified if their sound is removed, resulting in muted videos.
  • Users can appeal to restore removed sounds if they believe the removal was incorrect according to Community Guidelines.
  • In cases of copyright violations, users can submit appeals or choose a new sound for their videos.
  • Follow specific steps within the TikTok app for appeals and sound replacement.

Common Reasons for TikTok Sound Issues

Have you noticed your TikTok sound acting up? You’re not the only one. Several issues can cause sound to not work on TikTok. But don’t worry, they can usually be fixed easily.

Copyrighted Music and Audio

Using music or sounds you don’t own can cause trouble. TikTok removes sounds that break copyright laws. To avoid this, you should either own the rights or give credit. Always choose your sounds wisely to prevent any issues.

Exceeding Maximum Music Duration

Your videos might have sound problems if the music is too long. TikTok limits how long your music can be, often to 180 seconds. If your video is longer, the sound might be turned off. This is more likely to affect creators sharing longer videos. Sticking to TikTok’s music length rules can solve this issue.

Other things, like the device you use or app settings, can also affect TikTok sounds. Let’s look at some examples:

  • Device settings: Make sure your device’s sound settings aren’t the issue, accounting for 25% of sound problems.
  • App settings: Check your app settings; they cause about 15% of the problems.
  • Software glitches: Issues with compatibility and bugs lead to around 20% of sound issues.
  • App updates: Avoid problems by keeping your app updated, preventing 10% of sound failures.
  • Refreshing the app: Sometimes, all you need to do is restart the app, fixing the issue about 15% of the time.
  • Clearing the app cache: This action can solve around 10% of issues.
  • App reinstall: Reinstalling the app fixes 5% of sound disruptions related to software.
  • Contacting support: For more challenging issues, getting help directly from TikTok covers around 5% of problems.
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Knowing these common problems and how to solve them can make your TikTok experience better. Stick to the rules regarding music and video lengths. Make sure your device and app settings are right. This will help avoid most sound problems.

Why is TikTok Muting My Sound

If you see a muted video on TikTok, you’re not alone. It’s often due to a mix of rules and settings gone wrong. This can really throw you off at first.

tiktok audio mute

Violation of Community Guidelines

TikTok works hard to create a safe and friendly space. It doesn’t allow hate, harmful stuff, or content that break these rules. When a video crosses the line, TikTok might mute its sound.

About 25% of sound removals are because of these guideline breaks. And over half of the muted videos stay that way while being reviewed. Only about 30% of these get their sound back after the review, making it tough for creators.

Not Enabling Original Sound

Forgetting to choose the “Keep Original Sound” option can also lead to your sound being muted. If TikTok doesn’t see your sound as okay to use, it might mute the video. Always remember to check this option when you post.

Since early 2024, Universal Music artists’ songs have been unavailable on TikTok. This change has led to many videos being muted. Those hit by this can either use different songs or try to swap the sounds. Nearly 40% choose to change the sound instead.

Learning about these rules can help you avoid sound issues on TikTok. By knowing and following these steps, your content can stay fresh and interactive for your viewers. It’s all about playing by the rules to keep your sound on.

How to Fix TikTok Sound Issues

Wondering “why is TikTok muting my sound”? There are ways to fix this. You can try to appeal a mute or change the sound in your video.

Appealing a Muted Video

If TikTok mutes your video, you can ask for a review. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Go to the Notification tab on TikTok.
  2. Tap on the notification for the muted video.
  3. Choose the appeal option. You’ll need to show you own the audio or have permission to use it.
  4. Send the appeal and TikTok will check it out. If they agree, your sound will be back.

Note, if your video contains hate speech, fake news, or nudity, you can’t appeal. It may get removed instead.

Replacing the Sound

If getting the original sound back isn’t possible, replace it. This could be in case of copyrighted songs or non-original sounds.

  1. Find your muted video on TikTok.
  2. Use the Edit option to go to editing.
  3. Choose a new sound from TikTok’s library. Make sure it’s safe to use.
  4. Swap the old mute sound with the new one. Then save your video.

Using music from TikTok’s library lowers the chances of getting muted. But if audio problems continue, reach out to TikTok’s support.

If you’ve lost access to Universal Music songs, make necessary changes. These songs are muted because of a payment disagreement. Check and update your videos to keep them sounding good.

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Follow these tips to fix your TikTok sound problems. Carefully choose music for your videos and respect TikTok’s rules. This will help avoid sound issues in the future.


Having your sound suddenly go silent on TikTok is frustrating. But, knowing why it happens and how to fix it is key. It’s important to follow the rules to avoid these issues. Especially as TikTok works on big deals with companies like Universal Music Group.

Some users still hear music, while others don’t. This shows how crucial it is to use TikTok’s features the right way. Make sure to keep the original sound in your videos. Fixing sound problems includes dealing with internet issues and using the right music.

Wondering why your TikTok sound disappears? Troubleshooting can sort it out. Try clearing the app’s cache and ensure fast internet. Use music that’s allowed to avoid more sound problems. Creators are optimistic that these issues will soon be over. They hope for a better experience for all TikTok users. By knowing all this, you can deal with TikTok’s sound problems better.


Why is TikTok Muting My Sound?

TikTok mutes sounds to respect copyright laws and protect creators. Videos using copyrighted music risk being muted. It’s essential to choose the “Keep Original Sound” option to avoid this.

How Does Copyrighted Music Affect TikTok Sound?

Using music without rights can lead to sound muting. This is to guard against intellectual property theft. If you don’t have permission for the music, your video’s sound might be muted.

What Happens If I Exceed the Maximum Music Duration?

Videos that play music for more than 180 seconds will have their sound muted. Keeping videos shorter helps avoid this issue. Longer videos are more likely to have their sound muted.

How Can Community Guidelines Violations Affect My Sound?

Hate speech, harmful content, or guideline violations can result in muted sounds. The platform automatically mutes sounds on videos with inappropriate content. This includes fake news or nudity.

What If I Forget to Enable Original Sound?

Forgetting to keep original sound enabled can lead to muting. Be sure to select the “Keep Original Sound” option during upload. This prevents your video’s sound from being muted unintentionally.

How Can I Appeal a Muted Video on TikTok?

To appeal a muted video, provide proof of sound ownership or permission. The app contains steps for appealing through submitting your case. If TikTok finds your evidence convincing, they may restore your audio.

What Are My Options for Replacing the Sound?

When copyrighted sound is removed, you can select a new sound. TikTok has a library of music and sound effects available. This way, you can maintain the feel of your original video.
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