why is my tiktok following page not showing new videos

Not seeing new videos on your TikTok page can be confusing. People might think, “Why is my TikTok not showing new videos?”. This issue could happen because TikTok is down, stopping the For You Page from working. Usually, it’s because of tech problems.

Problems like cache issues, old app versions, and bad connections are common. Many TikTok users face problems when their app’s cache is full. Also, some don’t see updates for the app, which means their app doesn’t work well.

Weak internet can also stop new videos from showing up. Server problems with TikTok stop some users from seeing the latest videos. So, a strong network and working servers are both important.

First, clear your app’s cache and update the app. Check if TikTok is working. If you still have issues, restart your device and log in again. Last, consider reinstalling the app after saving your drafts. If the problem continues, contact TikTok support.

Key Takeaways

  • Clear cache to resolve TikTok following page not refreshing issues.
  • Ensure your TikTok app is updated to the latest version.
  • Check your internet connection for stability.
  • Restart your device and log back into TikTok.
  • Verify TikTok’s server status for larger technical issues.

Common Technical Issues and Fixes

Have you ever been frustrated by not seeing new videos on TikTok’s page? These problems usually come from technical issues. Lucky for us, there are easy ways to fix these issues and get back to watching videos.

Clearing Cache

If your cache is full, TikTok won’t update its feed. It’s smart to clear your device and app cache regularly. This ensures TikTok works smoothly and shows the newest videos.

Updating the App

Outdated TikTok apps can cause many problems, including not showing new videos on your following page. It’s essential to keep your app updated. This will fix bugs and bring new features and improvements.

Connectivity Problems

Issues with your internet can also stop TikTok’s feed from updating. Sometimes switching between Wi-Fi and data can cause problems. If you’re having issues, try restarting your modem or checking your internet connection.

Server Downtime

Sometimes, TikTok’s servers go down, which stops the following page from showing new videos. It’s good to check if TikTok’s servers are down using a service like Down Detector. This can tell you if there’s a bigger problem going on.

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Potential Reasons Why Your TikTok Following Page not Showing New Videos

It can be very upsetting when your TikTok Following page stops updating. The issue might not just be technical. Other key reasons could cause this problem.

Account Issues

If your tiktok following page not loading new content, the problem might relate to your account. Accounts reported by bots or under a shadow ban can’t see new videos often. This is why you see old content more than new.

Content Violations

Missing out on new videos might also point to rule violations. Content against TikTok’s rules, even from accounts you follow, gets hidden or removed. If the app doesn’t tell you about the problem, you might not know why my tiktok following feed is not refreshing.

Review and Approval Processes

Delayed updates can also be due to TikTok’s strict checks. New or viral posts have to be reviewed before they show up for everyone. This can lead to a pause in your feed, causing you to feel like my tiktok following feed is not refreshing.

By knowing these issues, you can track down what’s wrong with your TikTok page. This enables better fixes and a more enjoyable TikTok experience.

How to Refresh Your TikTok Experience

Having issues with TikTok’s Following page can get frustrating. It stops you from seeing new videos. If you’re asking, “why is my TikTok following page not showing new videos?” there are some simple ways to fix it. These steps can make your TikTok experience better and keep you up to date with the latest content.

why is my tiktok following page not showing new videos

Refreshing the For You Feed

The For You feed brings you content that matches your interests. To refresh it, go to TikTok settings and clear your watch history. This small change can fix the issue of not seeing new videos. When you clear your watch history, TikTok will start showing you different videos. It looks at what you like now, not what you used to like.

Ensuring Correct Privacy Settings

Your privacy settings can affect what content you see. If your account is private, you might not see all the videos. Check your settings to make sure your account is public. Changing this can make your TikTok experience better. It often solves the problem of not seeing new videos.

Checking for Shadow Banning

Shadow banning hides your content from others. To check if you’re shadow banned, look for drops in your engagement numbers. Following TikTok’s rules is key to avoid these issues. Being active on TikTok and checking your content regularly can also help. If you need more help, you can always check out resources like TikTok Following Page Not Updating: Handling Stagnant Feeds.

To make TikTok better, refresh your For You feed, check your privacy settings, and look out for shadow bans. Paying attention to these areas will improve your time on TikTok. It will help with problems like not seeing new videos.


TikTok boasts over 1 billion active users monthly. It has become a top social media platform. Yet, it can face some issues. When users don’t see new videos on their following page, it can be frustrating. Solving these problems is vital for everyone to enjoy TikTok smoothly.

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Many things can cause these issues. For one, TikTok bars users from following many accounts daily to stop spam. Also, app bugs that affect following pages or notifications are usually fixed quickly. Long-lasting problems may result from account limits or bans. Luckily, issues with content display due to server problems get fixed fast.

Creators want to keep their viewers interested. They can use tools like High Social’s AI to reach their audience better. By sticking to excellent content-making methods, users can tackle problems like the following page glitch. This ensures they keep growing on TikTok.

For tips and more help with TikTok problems, visit TechFixated.


Why is my TikTok following page not updating?

A TikTok following page may not update for several reasons. This can include cache problems, old app versions, or issues with your connection. To fix this, clear your cache, update the app, and check your internet. Also, make sure servers are not down.

How do I fix my TikTok following page not showing the latest videos?

To see the latest videos on your TikTok page, first clear the device and app cache. Ensure the app is up-to-date and your internet works well. If problems continue, restart your device and log in to TikTok again. As a last step, reinstall the app, but remember to save any drafts first.

Why is my TikTok following feed not refreshing?

If your TikTok feed doesn’t refresh, it could be due to full cache, old app versions, or even server downtime. Start by clearing the cache, updating the app, and checking server status. These steps might often fix the issue.

What should I do if TikTok’s following section is not displaying new videos?

If the following section isn’t showing new videos, look for account-specific problems, like shadow bans or content violations. Make sure your content always follows TikTok’s rules. Also, check your TikTok Analytics for any big drops in viewers.

How can I fix connectivity problems affecting my TikTok feed?

If your TikTok feed has connectivity issues, try switching networks from Wi-Fi to data, or restart your modem. A strong internet connection is key to keeping your feed updated.

What are the potential reasons for my TikTok following page not loading new content?

TikTok may not load new content because of account issues, violations, or delays for content reviews. Watch for any notifications about issues with your content. Also, check there’s no shadow ban on your account.

How do I refresh the For You feed on TikTok?

To refresh your For You feed on TikTok, you can adjust your app settings. This tweak can improve the variety of content you see.

How can I ensure my privacy settings are not restricting my TikTok content visibility?

To prevent your privacy settings from hiding your content, review and adjust your app settings. Make sure your content settings aren’t set to private without you knowing.

How can I check if my account is shadow banned on TikTok?

Watch your TikTok Analytics for any sharp drops in views or likes. Following TikTok’s guidelines closely is a good way to avoid a shadow ban.
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