why does tiktok unfollow accounts

Many users on TikTok find themselves unfollowed by accounts they followed recently. This issue creates confusion and irritation for those enjoying the app’s lively community and content. To fix this, it’s crucial to look at the causes. They could be related to the app itself or different user settings.

Several things could cause TikTok to unfollow accounts. This includes bugs in the app and rules set by users. If you follow too many accounts quickly, TikTok might see this as suspicious and unfollow for you. Knowing about these issues can help keep your follow list stable.

Also, you might hit a roadblock if you try to follow beyond TikTok’s daily limit of 200 or the maximum of 10,000 accounts. It’s good to keep your app updated and clear its cache often. This can reduce the chances of facing these issues.

Key Takeaways

  • Users often face the TikTok unfollow glitch, causing automatic unfollows.
  • TikTok restricts daily follows to 200 and a total of 10,000 accounts.
  • Technical issues, including bugs and outdated app versions, can contribute to the unfollowing problem.
  • Users are advised to clear the TikTok app cache and update or reinstall the app.
  • Several confusion and frustration occur due to TikTok’s automatic unfollowing behavior.

Common Reasons for TikTok Unfollowing Accounts

More users are finding themselves unfollowed on TikTok, seemingly at random. It’s important to know what causes this. By understanding, we can make our TikTok experience better.

Bot Detection Mechanism

TikTok uses smart systems to find and stop bot behaviors. Bots are usually programs that follow too many accounts too fast. But these systems can mistake real people for bots. It’s frustrating when you’re unfollowed because TikTok thought you were a bot.

Following Limits on TikTok

TikTok doesn’t allow unlimited following. It aims to stop spam and encourage genuine interactions. Users can follow 200 new accounts each day and up to 10,000 accounts in total. If you try to follow more than this, TikTok might unfollow some accounts to keep it fair.

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User Privacy Settings

Your account’s privacy settings matter too. If someone blocks you or has a private account, TikTok can’t let you follow them. In these cases, TikTok might unfollow you. Making sure you both agree to follow each other helps avoid this issue.

Shadow Bans and Account Restrictions

Shadow bans happen if you break TikTok’s rules, like sharing copyrighted content. A shadow ban can stop you from following new accounts for up to a month. During this time, it might seem like TikTok is unfollowing people for no reason.

Understanding these reasons helps you work with TikTok better. This makes using the app a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Why does TikTok unfollow accounts

TikTok users often wonder why they’re suddenly not following others. It can mess with how they connect with others on the app. We’ll look into why this happens on TikTok and ways to fix it.

App Glitches and Bugs

App glitches and bugs are a big reason why TikTok unfollows people. Because TikTok keeps updating, sometimes the new stuff doesn’t work perfectly. This can make it seem like the app is unfollowing on its own.

To fix this, it’s important to always update the app. New updates usually come with fixes for these kinds of problems.

TikTok unfollowing issue

Outdated App Versions

If you’re using an old TikTok version, this could cause the app to act weird, like unfollowing people. The newer versions have stuff in them that helps the app run smoother. So, to avoid issues, make sure your app is always up-to-date.

Cache Overload and Server Issues

Too much stuff saved in the app’s cache can make the app do strange things, like unfollowing on its own. To fix this, you should clear the app’s cache from time to time. Also, when TikTok’s servers have problems, the app might do things you don’t expect, like unfollowing people.

Always check TikTok’s news during these times. That way, you might understand why things are happening.

Knowing about app problems, cache, and server issues can help you deal with TikTok’s unfollowing glitches. This way, using TikTok will be much smoother for you.


Why does TikTok sometimes unfollow people? There are a few reasons. First, TikTok has anti-bot checks and follow limits. You can only follow 200 people a day and 10,000 people in total. These rules keep TikTok safe and fair.

Follow too many too fast and you might see the TikTok unfollow bug. Additionally, breaking the rules could lead to a shadow ban. During this ban, you can’t follow people for up to a month.

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If an account is private or blocks you, TikTok can’t follow them for you. It might look like TikTok is unfollowing people for no reason. Technical problems are another issue. These could be app issues, old versions, or server problems. Try updating the app and clearing the cache to solve these.

Even with all these issues, learning about them can make your TikTok better. Following the rules and keeping up with updates can stop the unfollowing problem. It helps you have more fun without interruptions. Remember, if problems continue, contacting TikTok Support is a smart move for help.


Why does TikTok automatically unfollow accounts shortly after following them?

TikTok uses advanced systems to spot bots. Sometimes, it wrongly sees real users as fake. This can cause you to get unfollowed without reason.

What are TikTok’s following limits?

TikTok allows you to follow about 200 people each day. You can follow up to 10,000 accounts in total. Crossing these limits will stop you from following more users.

How do user privacy settings affect following on TikTok?

If someone blocks you or has a private profile, you can’t follow them. Make sure you check the user’s privacy settings if you can’t follow them.

What is a shadow ban and how does it impact following?

A shadow ban happens when TikTok thinks you broke the rules. It lasts from two weeks to a month. During this time, you might find it hard to follow others.

Can app glitches and bugs cause TikTok to unfollow accounts?

Glitches and bugs can certainly cause issues, including unfollowing people. To tackle this, it’s important to keep your TikTok app up to date.

How do outdated app versions contribute to the unfollowing problem?

Using an old TikTok app can lead to problems, like unfollowing people by mistake. Simply updating the app can often fix this.

What role does cache overload play in TikTok’s automatic unfollow issue?

Too much cached data can mess with the app’s performance. This might cause you to see random unfollows. Regularly clearing your cache could solve this issue.

Can TikTok server issues cause automatic unfollowing?

Server problems can make TikTok act up for everyone. This might include the app unfollowing people by itself.
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