why are my likes not showing on tiktok

TikTok users often face a puzzling situation: likes not showing on their videos. This ‘0 likes’ issue can happen for many reasons. It might be due to tech problems, how the algorithm works, or if the video doesn’t grab people at first. This can be very frustrating.

Sometimes, you might notice your likes vanish or not show on TikTok. This needs you to be alert and take steps to figure it out.

TikTok’s algorithm loves new videos and can push older ones aside. This could be why older videos have less likes visible. Also, breaking the rules, tech issues, or TikTok going through changes could also impact likes. To fix the like count issue, start by checking your device and app settings, app cache, and privacy settings. And don’t forget, sometimes where you are can affect who sees your videos.

Key Takeaways

  • Approximately 0.5% of TikTok creators worry about their likes not showing.
  • Quick updates and videos about daily life get lots of likes in the first 96 hours.
  • Cooking and DIY videos get more likes over time, showing different patterns in engagement.
  • Most likes come from people who follow the creators.
  • Common fixes involve app updates, checking your internet, storage, and privacy settings.
  • TikTok is quick to fix bugs, making them only a temporary issue.

why are my likes not showing on tiktok

Many users wonder why TikTok not displaying likes is a common problem. Let’s look at why this happens. We’ll also see how TikTok’s way of working affects what likes we see.

Common Reasons for Likes Not Showing

Some key things could make your TikTok likes not showing up. These include:

  • Deletion of accounts removes all likes related to them.
  • If you lose access, you lose your likes too. For example, forgetting your password.
  • If your content goes against the rules, your likes might be taken down.
  • Erasing a video from your profile will also erase its likes.
  • How you set your privacy can change how likes are shown.
  • Turning off auto-play might slow down how likes gather on new posts.
  • Deleted videos lose the likes and comments they had.
  • Hasty actions can lead to fewer likes on your posts.
  • Updates in privacy settings on other platforms may affect how likes are shown there.
  • Choosing to hide your likes since 2019 can make them invisible to others.
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How TikTok Algorithm Affects Like Visibility

The TikTok algorithm is key in TikTok like count stuck issues. It sorts content based on many things. This includes how relevant it is, its engagement, and the creator’s authority.

  • It looks for what’s new and tied to popular topics, like special events.
  • It values how much everyone interacts with a post – views, likes, and comments.
  • It checks the record and influence of who made the content.
  • Less popular posts may earn fewer likes if people don’t really like them.
  • Problems with your internet or the app can affect what likes you see.

Knowing this, users can better match their posts to what TikTok likes. This improves how their content is seen and liked on the app.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Likes Not Showing on TikTok

Ever wondered why your TikTok videos don’t show likes? It could be because of many things, like technical issues or app settings. We’ll show you how to fix this problem.

Check Internet and Device Settings

One common reason for invisible likes is bad internet. Make sure your internet connection is good every now and then. Also, check that your Wi-Fi or data is strong and that your device is working well.

Clear App Cache and Update TikTok

Old app versions or too much saved data can cause issues. To solve this, clear your TikTok app’s cache often and keep it up to date. This action removes any bugs from the app and lets you enjoy new additions without trouble.

clear tiktok app cache

Adjust Account and Privacy Settings

Checking and changing your TikTok privacy settings can also help. Sometimes, these settings can hide your likes from view. Make sure your account has no accidental restrictions. Fixing these settings can make your likes show up again and improve your content’s reach.

Likes on TikTok are important because they affect how many people see your videos. By following these steps, you might boost your TikTok profile’s appeal and activity.


Having problems with TikTok likes not showing up can be really frustrating. It can lower your content’s reach and effectiveness. Disappearing likes might happen because of algorithm glitches, breaking community guidelines, or privacy settings. They could also be due to bad internet or using an old version of the app.

The TikTok algorithm checks likes to judge content’s quality and how much it appeals to others. To fix the issue, first, make sure you have a good internet connection. Try different networks or cellular data to improve this. Next, update your TikTok app to avoid common problems. Clearing the app cache and refreshing your login may also help.

Setting your account’s privacy to make likes visible is important too. If likes are still not showing, make sure your content follows all community guidelines. Don’t use third-party apps to boost your likes. This is against TikTok’s rules and may lead to removing your likes. If you can’t fix it on your own, contact TikTok Support for help. By taking these steps, you can improve your content’s visibility and engagement.

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Why are my likes not showing on TikTok?

There could be many reasons. These include technical issues, such as glitches, low engagement, or possible policy violations. Storage issues, using old app versions, or bad internet could also be the cause. It’s key to check these issues to get your likes to show.

What causes TikTok likes not appearing or visible?

Your likes might not show because of cache problems. This could be from old app versions, or your privacy settings. Bans based on your location might also hide your likes. Sometimes, TikTok itself might have temporary issues.

How does TikTok’s algorithm impact like visibility?

The TikTok algorithm often focuses on new and popular videos. This can make older videos, and their likes, harder to see. How much people interact with your video, and how well it fits current trends, also impacts if and how many likes show.

How can I check and improve my internet and device settings to fix like issues?

Start by checking your internet connection. Make sure it’s strong and stable. Restarting your device can help. You can also try turning airplane mode on and then back off. Checking if other apps work well can help rule out issues not related to TikTok.

How do I clear the TikTok app cache and update the app?

Clearing the app cache can be done in TikTok’s settings under the cache section. Just choose “Clear Cache.” Updating the app is done through your device’s app store. Search for TikTok there. If a new update is available, tap “Update.”

What should I check in my TikTok account and privacy settings?

First, make sure your account is not private if you want your likes to be seen. Then, go over your privacy settings. Ensure your liked content is set to be visible to others. Change any restrictions that could hide your likes.

Could the issue of likes not showing be due to an app glitch or downtime?

Absolutely, problems with the app or TikTok’s servers can stop likes from showing. In these cases, checking TikTok’s updates or getting in touch with their support can offer a solution.

How can I address potential content policy violations affecting my likes?

Start by reviewing TikTok’s rules. Make sure your content follows them. If you find any violations, fix or delete the problematic content. This can help your likes become visible again.

What steps can I take if troubleshooting doesn’t resolve the issue?

If the usual fixes don’t work, reach out to TikTok’s support team. They can offer help tailored to your account. They might have more specific advice to get your likes back on track.
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