how to make a tiktok sound your ringtone

TikTok is known for its short, catchy videos that everybody loves. With its big fanbase, people often want to use TikTok sounds as their phone’s alert tones. This is because the platform’s sounds can quickly become popular and find their way into lots of new videos.

The first step in this process is to save the TikTok sound you like. You can do this by downloading the video, as long as the creator has allowed it. Another option is to record your screen and grab the sound that way. But remember, to use it as a ringtone, you must change the sound to a suitable format. Tools like EaseUS Video Downloader or Kapwing can help easily convert these sounds to MP3.

These tools make any sound ready for your ringtone or alarm, no matter if you have an iPhone or Android. It’s crucial to avoid breaking copyright laws. Make sure you’re only using these sounds for your personal use and not to make money.

Key Takeaways

  • TikTok sounds can lead to viral trends with hundreds of thousands of new videos.
  • TikTok videos are always 60 seconds or shorter, perfect for ringtones.
  • GarageBand limits customized ringtones to 30 seconds on iPhones.
  • Setting a TikTok sound as ringtone or alarm is easier on Android devices compared to iPhone.
  • Online tools and apps like EaseUS Video Downloader, Kapwing, and GarageBand can help convert and set custom ringtone from TikTok.

How to Make a TikTok Sound Your Ringtone or Alarm on iPhone

TikTok has changed how we view social media. It’s full of catchy sounds and fun music. Many people want to use these on their iPhones for ringtones or alarms. This needs a few steps with various apps. Keep reading to find out how to do it with your favorite TikTok sounds.

Download the TikTok Video

First, download the TikTok video with the sound you like. The app itself lets you save some videos. But, for others, you might need to record your screen. Tools such as EaseUS Video Downloader and are great for this. Follow these steps to get the video:

  • Open TikTok and find the video with your desired sound.
  • If downloading directly from TikTok, click ‘Share’ and then ‘Save Video’.
  • If the option is unavailable, use the screen recording feature on your iPhone to capture the video.
  • Alternatively, use online tools like to download the video directly.
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Convert Video to Audio

The next step is changing the video to just audio. There are many apps and websites that can help. If you’re using an iPhone, you’ll need to change the TikTok video to an MP3 file. This is important for making it into a ringtone or alarm. Here’s how to do it:

  • Use apps like Media Converter to grab audio from the video.
  • Put the TikTok download into the converter.
  • Choose MP3 as your audio’s format and start the conversion.

The audio should be no longer than 30 seconds. This is a must for iPhone ringtones.

Set the Audio as Ringtone/Alarm

Now, you got the MP3 file. Let’s turn it into your ringtone or alarm on your iPhone. Here’s what you do next:

  • Start GarageBand and make a new project.
  • Bring in the MP3 and make it 30 seconds long by copying it if you need to.
  • Save the project as a ringtone.
  • In your iPhone’s ‘Settings’, go to ‘Sounds & Haptics’. Then, pick your new sound as the ringtone.
  • For alarms, open the Clock app. Pick an alarm to change its sound to the one you made.

Follow these steps to use a TikTok sound on your iPhone. It makes your phone unique. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

How to Make a TikTok Sound Your Ringtone or Alarm on Android

Turning your favorite TikTok sounds into ringtones or alarms is easy on Android. Most Android phones let you use any audio as a ringtone. This gives you lots of options. Just follow a few steps to add these fun sounds to your day.

TikTok sound as Android ringtone

Copy the Video URL

To start, find the TikTok video with the sound you like. Click “Share” then “Copy link” to get the video’s URL. This step is key to getting ready for the next part.

Convert Video to MP3

Next, change the video into an MP3 file. Tools like Kapwing make this easy. Paste the URL into the tool and download the MP3. This step makes the TikTok sound ready to use on your Android.

Set the Audio as Ringtone/Alarm

After getting the MP3, find it in your phone. Android lets you use any sound as a ringtone or alarm. Go to your phone’s settings, then to sounds, and pick your MP3. This finishes the process.

Thanks to tools like Kapwing and easy YouTube copying, personalizing Android sounds is simple. Whether for an alarm or general use, these tools let you make your phone unique.

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Customizing your phone with a TikTok sound adds fun and creativity. It goes beyond just using the app. Setting a TikTok sound as your ringtone is easy with the right steps. Tools like MiniTool MovieMaker help by turning TikTok videos into MP3s on Windows.

Both Android and iPhone users can do this. Android users use a music player app. They pick the TikTok sound and set it as a ringtone or alarm. iPhone users download the GarageBand app. It helps make a 30-second ringtone from a TikTok sound.

Using TikTok sounds for your phone makes it unique and more fun. It’s all about using the right tools and tutorials. Remember to follow copyright rules. This ensures you use the sounds in the right way for your pleasure. For more help, check out the MiniTool MovieMaker guide.


How can I make a TikTok sound my ringtone?

To make a TikTok sound your ringtone. First, download the video. Then, convert it to an MP3 file. Finally, set it as your ringtone using your phone’s settings.

How do I save a TikTok sound for use as a ringtone or alarm?

To save a TikTok sound, download the video if allowed by the creator. Or, screen record the video. Then, use a tool to change the video into an MP3 file.

What tools can I use to convert a TikTok video to MP3?

Popular tools for this are EaseUS Video Downloader,, and Kapwing. They help you get the audio from the video.

Is it legal to use TikTok sounds as ringtones?

Yes, it’s legal for personal use if you’re not selling them. Just follow copyright laws and don’t distribute the sounds.

How do I set a TikTok sound as my ringtone on an iPhone?

First, download or record the TikTok video. Then, use Kapwing to turn it into an MP3. Next, transfer it to your iPhone. After, use GarageBand to make it your ringtone.

How can I set a TikTok sound as my ringtone on an Android device?

First, download the TikTok video by copying the URL. Then, use Kapwing to convert it to an MP3. Find the MP3 on your phone and set it as your ringtone in settings.

Can I also use TikTok sounds as notification tones?

Yes, you can use TikTok sounds as notifications. The process is similar to setting them as ringtones. Just download, convert, and then adjust your settings.

Are there any apps that help in setting TikTok sounds on phones?

Yes, apps like GarageBand for iPhone and file managers on Android help. They let you use TikTok sounds for different alerts.
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